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About me

Hi, my name is Dorota Sajkowska. I’m passionate graphic designer from Poland, currently based in Manchester. Most of my work focus on digital - web design, email marketing, UX design. During 6 years of my designer career I worked for many great clients including Sky, Ikea, Monarch and many others.

Experience timeline:

  • Real and Smooth Ltd.


    As a Digital Designer for Real and Smooth Ltd I’m responsible for designing pages for Smooth Radio, Real Radio and Real XS.

    Working for them is an amazing experience - I have chance to create digital campaigns for huge UK brands such as CBS Action, Universal Orlando Resort, Ikea, Arnold Clark, E.ON, Cotton Traders, , as well as small local buissneses, events and festivals. During that time I also had plesure to design couple of company identification elements such as logo for huge charity event in north west - Real Radio Car Boot Sale or headers for Smooth Radio show pages.

  • Freelance


    In this period of time I mainly focused on one project -, which included full redesign of existing website and corporate identity. Also during that time new CMS was written by Kazik Sajkowski, for which I designed the user interface.

    Furthermore I also created a few smaller designs that can be seen in my portfolio.

    Being a freelancer also let me concentrate on creating a brand new identification for me and my husband - PixelBOLD.

  • Looknet Lukasz Sojka


    I started to work in Looknet as a Junior Designer and through the years of gaining experience at the end of 2010 I was able to work as a Lead Designer

    Work in this company gave me most of my designing skils. I learned a lot from people I worked with and there is nothing more important for me than colecting more and more experience.


    1. Design web layouts and on-line shops
    2. Create logos, Corporate Identity
    3. Design print-ready artwork

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Design Skills:

  • Web design

    •  95%
  • Branding

    •  85%
  • App design

    •  70%
  • User interfaces

    •  70%
  • Typography

    •  60%
  • Usability

    •  75%
  • Print

    •  40%
  • Video editing

    •  40%

    •  43%
  • scale

    • medium
    • good
    • very good

Language Skills:

  • scale

    • basic >25
    • medium >50
    • good >75
    • very good >=100
  • Polish (native)

    • reading 100%
    • writing 100%
    • speaking 100%
  • English

    • reading 100%
    • writing 80%
    • speaking 85%
  • French

    • reading 25%
    • writing 8%
    • speaking 12.5%
  • actuall skills listed

    • reading
    • writing
    • speaking

Personal Skills:

  • HTML/CSS - Basic knowledge about slicing designs and possibilities of this technology that allows me to to design modern yet possible to implement layouts.
  • Experience in Usability
  • The ability to work independently
  • A professional approach in dealing with clients
  • Knowledge of the latest trends in webdesign

Programs I’m using:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5

    •  95%
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5

    •  80%
  • Adobe InDesign CS5

    •  25%
  • Adobe Flash Professional CS5

    •  60%
  • Adobe Premiere CC

    •  40%
  • scale

    • basic
    • medium
    • good
    • very good


This portfolio is pick of my best work. I want to show you designs which represents my style and allow you to see my capabilities. I chose every design carefuly to let you see a variety from small business website to corporate identification and user interface.


    These are first screens for new fully responsive layout for

    Honestly it's only a first draft, but I'm really excited because I will be able to work really closely with developer so I hope I'll get as much influence as possible on the final outcome.


    It's one of the biggest projects I have participated in. Roxan is an international service that allows escorts to post their profile online. It's the third biggest service of this kind in Poland.

    First I started with new branding for the website. The concept was to make it look sleek, exclusive and classy.

    The main reason behind creating new version of was to freshen up the look and engage users by creating the possiblity of signing in, writing coments and rating profiles. Also users can set up their own avatar, follow each other and 'thumb up' other users comments if they find them useful.

    Another great improvement was the new search engine. Now it's filtering the results down to the exact company we're looking for is much more easier and quicker.

    Knowing that this is a kind of website users (usually) don't want to enter any private information, the sign up is really simplified to make registration process quick and hustle free.

  • Real Radio

    During this spring Real Radio has a lot of exciting competitions going on. That gave me the opportunity to create couple of promotional on-line microsite's themes. This was definitely great experience, as Real Radio branding is all about fun.

  • Smooth Radio

  • PixelBold CI

    PixelBOLD is personal identification for me and my husband Kazik Sajkowski. We are a creative team of designer and developer. The two-toned logo represents our different point of view that combines in the middle to finally create one cohesive piece of work.

  • Wine Planet

    This design I made for on-line wine shop. I realy like how the wall texture looks on the background. Another interesting elements fo this design are "serve with" icons which explain in very simple way how to serve presented kinds of wine.

  • TanioWWW

    This is one of my favorite buisness card design. I created logo for this web developing company and then they ask me for buisness cards. There is matt foil on both sides of the card but certain elements like logo and line between company adress and workers name are covered by shine lacker.

  • Zoo Wroclaw

    This website was designed as a charity project to help one of the biggest Polish Zoos. Wroclaw Zoo already had a great corporate identity but their website definitely needed a redesign. I love animals so it was a pleasure to work for them. The brief was to create colorful, fun an user friendly website.

    All the lovely illustrations are by Merhab Studio.

  • PixelBold UI

    PixelBold User Interface was created specialy for PixelBold CMS developed by Kazik Sajkowski.

    The icons were created using JQueryUI theme designer.


    123kwiaty is florist on-line shop offering delivery to a few European countries. My job was to create website layout and logo for 123kwiaty. Design had to be minimalistic to let the flowers to stand out.

    I really like how clients can choose from three different bouquet options - minimal, standard and premium.


    This is another simple corporate website created for logistic and transportation company. My favorite part of it is the header photo which combines their three main transport specialities - ocean freight, air freight and land transport.

  • Illustrations

    This is a few of vector illustrations made by me in Adobe Illustrator. They are quite cartoony and fun.

    The first one is an illustration for a website.. The second one is a short comic for the florist shop leaflet.


If you would like to contact me feel free to do so. You can reach me either by email, phone or via any of the social sites I’m using. There is also a contact form below, which will send me an email - but please remember to verify if you wrote your email address correctly. otherwise I won’t be able to reply to your message!

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